Breast reduction with implants

Reducing breast size does not have to mean resorting to small, shapeless and volumeless breasts. An overly large bust progressively sags and ends up leading to a loss of upper volume. At IM CLINIC, when the plastic surgeon performs breast reduction surgery, this lost volume at the upper pole can be replaced using the patient’s own breast tissue or an implant. If breast tissue is used, the volume might not be completely replaced and, if it is, it might sag again over time. However, using a breast implant means that this volume can be recovered in a more precise, attractive and permanent manner.

Who can have breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is aimed at women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts, which are too large and sagging, who might suffer from medical problems such as backache and neck ache, breathing problems, skeletal deformities or problems of self-esteem. This surgery can also reduce the size of the areola so that there is a greater balance with the rest of the breast.

Is breastfeeding possible after a reduction mammoplasty?

All women wishing to breastfeed in the short or medium term must remember that it is better to wait until they have finished breastfeeding before undergoing this surgery.

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

The most common technique when performing breast reduction surgery consists of making an anchor-shaped incision along the natural line of the breast to remove the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin and move the nipple and areola to their new position. This same incision is used if a breast implant is to be inserted. However, the technique varies depending on each case, which is why a precise diagnosis is essential considering the circumstances of each patient.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation for breast reduction

The breast reduction mammoplasty is usually performed under general anaesthesia and takes around two to three hours, although it might take longer depending on each case. You will stay in IM CLINIC for approximately 24 hours.

The breast implants used in breast reduction surgery

The breast implants used in breast reduction surgery are very similar to those used in breast augmentation surgery. They are made of state-of-the-art, high quality cohesive silicone gel. They are currently the safest in the market. Your plastic surgeon will advise you on the type of breast implant in your case, and its volume, profile, projection, etc. to give you the most attractive and natural result.

The results of breast reduction surgery

The results of a reduction mammoplasty can be seen only a few hours after surgery. However, the swelling with start to go down after around one week and you will be able to see how the breast starts to look more natural. You will be able to see the end result after three to six months, until which time it is normal to see certain changes in the shape and volume of the breast.

The small incision required to perform the surgery will leave a scar that will become invisible after 6 months in most cases.

Recommendations after breast reduction

After breast reduction surgery, the patient must wear a sports bra that will be replaced after a few days with a gentler surgical bra. You might feel some discomfort during the first week -somewhat more intense during the first two days- and notice a lack of sensitivity in the nipple and areola, which will gradually return.

After your first check-up with your surgeon, postoperative massages and lymphatic drainage might be recommended that will help in reducing swelling and in recovery after surgery.


You should wait between 10 and 15 days before starting to drive again. This will depend on the patient’s mobility, however, depending on her progress.

You must sleep on your front for at least the first month after your breast reconstruction surgery. This, however, will depend on the recovery of each individual patient.

You will be wearing a special bra after breast augmentation surgery, which you must wear with a band during the first month after surgery. This will depend on your recovery.

Make sure the incisions are properly dry after your shower. We advise applying cold air (never hot!) from a hair dryer. Do not rub a towel over the incisions.

If you smoke, you should try to stop before your breast augmentation surgery. This will improve your health and your healing capacity.

What discomfort will I notice after my breast reduction?

You might feel some discomfort, such as tightness of the breast skin, during the first 48 hours.

When will I be able to return to everyday life?

You can start to return to everyday life one week after breast reduction surgery, but without any strenuous activities or restricting the mobility of your arms somewhat. You can progressively resume physical exercise after around four weeks, following the advice of your plastic surgeon.

Will both breasts recover at the same time?

Recovery is not normally the same for each breast. One breast might be more swollen than the other, discomfort might be less in one breast than the other, etc. This is completely normal procedure.

Will I lose sensitivity?

The breast might lose some sensitivity for a while after breast reduction surgery, and sensitivity might be lost entirely in the nipple and areola area. This is normal procedure. Sensitivity will gradually return over the first few months.

Do you know what IM Care is?

IM Care is the commitment of IM CLINIC to care for you for the first year after your breast reduction surgery. You will have a 24-hour hotline for your peace of mind, and our medical team will visit you regularly to ensure the results are as expected.