Differences between liposuction, liposculpture and HD liposculpture

3D liposuction or liposculpture is a technique used to eliminate fatty deposits located in specific areas of the body: arms, contours of the chest, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves and ankles.

Who can have HD liposculpture?

Liposculpture surgery is used to reshape the body. You must remember, therefore, that it is not a weight loss technique. Anyone who is at their normal weight, depending on their constitution, and who has accumulated fat in specific areas that does not respond to diet or physical exercise would therefore benefit from HD liposculpture.

Those who have recently undergone another surgery, who have poor circulation or who suffer from pulmonary or heart disease should avoid 3D liposculpture.

HD liposculpture surgery

HD High Definition liposculpture is the most state-of-the-art technology in body surgery that offers spectacular results. This ground-breaking technology acts selectively on the fatty tissue, reshaping both large areas of the body and very small areas such as under the chin.

The state of the art, the most advanced technology, and the artistic skills of our surgeons mean that the IM CLINIC medical team not only eliminates accumulated fat and reshapes the body but also redefines a more athletic and svelte shape.

What is achieved with HD High Definition Liposculpture?

HD High definition liposculpture gives results that traditional liposuction is unable to provide. Such as:

  • The entire shape of your body is enhanced rather than simply eliminating accumulated fat in certain areas.
  • Your skin becomes tauter, making it smoother and more attractive.
  • Your overall figure becomes more streamlined, not only difficult spots where fat accumulates. This provides a more defined, svelte and athletic shape.
  • What’s more, these results last longer.

What is 3D and 4D HD High Definition Liposculpture?

In this surgical technique, part of the fat removed during HD liposculpture is relocated to redefine your shape. HD High Definition Liposculpture includes two techniques: 3D, which consists of redefining your shape. And 4D, which reuses part of the fat removed to restructure your shape, highlight shoulder muscles (define abdominal muscles or highlight pectoral muscles, for example) or redistribute it and increase areas such as buttocks.

Liposuction or liposculpture for men

Accumulated body fat does not follow the same patterns in men and women. Therefore, the procedure must be tackled from a different perspective. Liposuction for men tends to focus on the area around the waist, the abdominal region, the pectoral region or under the chin. Liposuction on legs and arms is less frequent.

What is laser liposuction or laser lipo?

A major advance in HD High Definition liposculpture has been the introduction of laser (Yag 1440 laser). This technique helps the surgeon liquefy the fat before removing it, which means that a larger amount of fat can be extracted. It also helps improve the elasticity of the skin and underlying tissues, providing improved firmness of the skin by encouraging its retraction or stretching and avoiding any laxity that might appear.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation in liposuction

If the liposuction is extremely localised and the area is small, local anaesthesia combined with sedation is applied to ensure the patient is relaxed. An epidural block similar to the anaesthesia using during childbirth might also be used.

However, general anaesthesia is often used in cases of liposculpture in a large area.

Liposculpture normally takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the area and the amount of fluid to be suctioned out.

Liposuction can be combined with another additional surgery, such as an abdominoplasty, in those with inelastic skin and clear signs of flaccidity.

Very thin cannula are used in HD High Definition liposculpture, which means that the scars are tiny and are strategically located to ensure they are barely seen.

The results of liposculpture or liposuction

The results of HD High Definition liposculpture become gradually visible between 4 weeks and two months after surgery, although final results will not be seen until six months later.

The results of a liposculpture are long lasting if patients watch their diet and take regular physical exercise. The proportions obtained with HD High Definition liposculpture do not change if patients gain weight.

Recommendations after liposuction

You will wear a special compression girdle for this type of surgery for around four weeks afterwards. Some bruising might be noticed after surgery, which often disappears within 7 to 10 days, depending on each individual.

Postoperative care following liposculpture or liposuction is not painful, and your surgeon will inform you on how to minimise any discomfort (similar to stiff muscles) you might feel. Relative rest is required for the first few hours after surgery. You will be able to go back to work after 3 to 7 days. Remember that strenuous activities should be avoided for the first 2 weeks. And always follow the advice of your surgeon.


You can shower normally. Be particularly careful when removing the girdle, especially at first. Do not shower with very hot water and, if possible, sit down and have someone with you at first.

Relative rest is required for the first few hours after liposuction surgery. You can take short walks, without becoming tired, and above all avoid strenuous activities.

You will be wearing a special compression girdle when you come out of surgery. The shape of the girdle will depend on the areas where liposuction was performed. You will wear the girdle 24 hours a day for around 1 month.

You might have low blood pressure (dizziness) for the first few days. If this occurs, have a stimulating drink such as tea, coffee, coke, etc.

If you smoke, you should try to stop before your breast augmentation surgery. This will improve your health and your healing capacity.

Does bruising appear after liposuction?

Bruising is commonplace and will subside after one week. It is normal.

When will I first be able to see the changes in my body?

The body undergoes an inflammatory process after liposculpture that it has to reabsorb. You will be able to notice the new proportions of your figure even while wearing the girdle. You should wait for 4 weeks to two months to see the initial results. And you will start seeing the end results as of month six.

Will I have to have more liposuction if I gain weight?

No, the fat cells removed during liposuction surgery do not reproduce. The results of this surgery are permanent if you exercise and follow a balanced diet. Patients gaining weight often notice that it is more uniform and respects the new shapes of the body without forming fatty deposits.

Will I have to be on a diet for the rest of my life to maintain the results of HD Lipo?

It is not true that liposculpture patients must stay on a diet to maintain the figure they have achieved. However, it is important to follow a balance diet, particularly for your health but also to ensure long-lasting results. At IM CLINIC we recommend sessions with our nutritional coach to establish healthy eating habits.

Is liposuction possible on any part of the body?

As a technique it is, but the type of cannula used varies. The technique does not offer the same results in all areas, as this depends on different factors of the patient. The advice of the plastic surgeon is therefore essential.

Does liposuction or liposculpture remove cellulite?

No, because they are different processes. We therefore recommend treatment before surgery to optimise the results. Liposuction removes accumulated fat in the deeper layers, whereas cellulite is located much closer to the surface.

Can saddlebags be removed with diet and exercise?

It is very difficult to remove the adipose tissue of fatty deposits such as saddlebags solely with diet and physical exercise. Our bodies are prepared for childbirth from the time we are born due to oestrogen. Therefore, saddlebags are not just limited to the obese, and very thin people also have accumulated fat on their buttocks, thighs, and abdomen, among others.

Should an obese person undergo liposuction surgery?

Liposuction or liposculpture is not a way of losing weight. Its main goal is to eliminate accumulated fat. In fact, the ideal patient is someone with a suitable Body Mass Index. This is not the method for obese people looking for lose weight quickly. However, it is the method for reshaping your figure and making it more proportionate.

Do you know what IM Care is?

IM Care is the commitment of IM CLINIC to care for you for the first year after your surgery. You will have a 24-hour hotline for your peace of mind, and our medical team will visit you regularly to ensure the results are as expected.