What is a labia majora filling?

Labia majora filling is a surgery used to correct the appearance of a woman’s labia majora that have lost or lack fat and that might lead to an unattractive appearance and discomfort.

Who is a good candidate for labia majora filling?

Good candidates for this treatment are normally women who, due to ageing or personal circumstances such as weight loss, hormone changes, and certain medications have lost volume in their labia majora or experience a feeling of flaccidity. This can lead to discomfort.

What does labia majora filling involve?

This treatment involves filling the genital area with hyaluronic acid through a very thin cannula until the required volume is achieved, giving a natural, balanced appearance.

IM CLINIC uses the brand ISDIN Desirial to biostimulate and rehydrate the dermis and mucous membrane, as well as for filling and deep subcutaneous remodelling.

Using the patented IPN-Like technology, a single reticulation procedure is applied that provides optimum elasticity and viscosity in the genital area.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation for labia majora filling

If the surgery is isolated, this is an outpatient medical treatment that requires no overnight stay, and the patient can go home after the treatment. It takes around 20 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia.

Labia majora filling might also be performed along with other intimate surgeries, in which case the duration, type of anaesthesia and hospitalisation might vary.

The results of labia majora filling

The results of this surgery are extremely satisfactory and help women feel more confident with their rejuvenated genital area.
Above all, the infiltration of hyaluronic acid into the labia majora eliminates itching, rehydrates the skin, and naturally reconstructs the two regular labia majora to the same size and volume, protecting the vulva and reducing chafing and the risk of infection. All this improves the woman’s quality of life and self-esteem.

Recommendations after labia majora filling

Postoperative care following this treatment causes little discomfort. As it requires no stitches, they do not have to be removed. Rest for 24 hours is recommended.
Follow your surgeon’s instructions before resuming physical activity and sexual intercourse.


Pelvic rest for two months is recommended, which means using neither tampons or vibrators.

You can shower again immediately afterwards, following your surgeon’s advice. Make sure the area does not remain damp. Use cold air (never hot) from a hair dryer to eliminate any remains of dampness in the area.

You can resume your normal sex life 4 to 6 weeks after your labia majora filling surgery, depending on your progress. Always follow your surgeon’s advice.

Removal of the stitches is not necessary, as they are dissolvable. However, avoid any activities that create strain or sudden movements when bending down to avoid putting strain on them.

If you smoke, you should try to stop before your surgery. This will improve your health and your healing capacity.

What discomfort will I experience after labia majora filling?

You might feel some tightness in the area, as there could be some initial swelling that disappears a few hours after surgery.

When can I resume sexual intercourse?

You should wait for one to two weeks after the treatment before resuming sexual intercourse, depending on your specific case. You must always follow your surgeon’s advice.

Can I lose sensitivity with labia majora filling treatment?

This treatment does not alter or affect the sensitivity of the genital area.

Can I do physical exercise?

You should wait for at least one week before doing any physical exercise that involves contact with the area, such as spinning, horse-riding, cycling, etc. Always follow your surgeon’s advice.

For how long do the results last?

The effect of the hyaluronic acid used in labia majora filling normally lasts for around one year, although it does not disappear completely. After this time, you should weigh up whether or not to undergo another treatment.