Who can have a bichectomy?

Bichat’s adipose bags are responsible for giving the characteristic appearance of a round or chubby face in babies. When they grow, this fatty tissue gradually decreases to shape the face we will have as adults. However, not everyone evolves in the same way and this leads to a rounder or thinner face.

Anyone who has not suffered from obesity or excess weight and who does not feel comfortable with the overly round or undefined shape of their face can have a bichectomy, if advised by their plastic surgeon.

These individuals seek greater definition of their features, giving their face a more angular or thinner appearance and remodelling the shape of their face.

What does bichectomy surgery involve?

The bichectomy is a short surgery that takes around 40 minutes. It involves making small incisions on the inside of the cheeks through which the fatty structures of Bichat’s adipose bags are removed.

Scarring will not be visible, as it will be inside the mouth.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation in bichectomy

Bichat’s adipose bags are removed under local anaesthesia. It is a minimally-invasive, outpatient surgery and requires no overnight stay, and the patient can go home on the same day as the surgery.

The results of Bichat’s adipose bag removal

A certain amount of swelling is normal after surgery, and this will disappear after a few days, depending on each patient. One month after surgery, the patient will be able to see how their features are more angular their cheekbones more pronounced, and their face thinner.

The results are very natural and harmony of the entire face is sought.

Recommendations after bichectomy surgery

Postoperative care is very simple and similar to that of a tooth extraction. A soft diet is recommended for the first few days, and excessively hot liquids such as soups or hot herbal teas are not recommended.

Relative rest is recommended for the first 24 hours, and you should sleep with your head raised for the first two nights.

Follow the advice of your plastic surgeon should you have any discomfort.


You can shower on the same day of the surgery.

Rest is recommended for the first 24 hours after a bichectomy. You should also sleep with your head raised for the first two nights.

You can resume sporting activities after 7 days. If you play any kind of impact sports or those involving a ball, consult with your doctor.

Removal of the stitches is not necessary, as they are dissolvable.

Smoking can have an impact on correct healing and recovery.

Will there be any swelling after the bichectomy?

There might be a certain amount of swelling, which will disappear after 24 to 48 hours.

When can I start sports again?

You can resume physical activity one week after surgery. Consult with your surgeon if you play contact sports.

When are the stitches removed after bichectomy surgery?

Bichat’s adipose bag removal surgery requires no removal of stitches, as they are dissolvable.

Will I have to wear any kind of bandage or band on my face after the bichectomy?

You will not normally have to wear bandages or any kind of compression garment.

Do you know what IM Care is?

IM Care is the commitment of IM CLINIC to care for you for the first year after your surgery. You will have a 24-hour hotline for your peace of mind, and our medical team will visit you regularly to ensure the results are as expected.