Who can have a crural lift?

Thigh lift surgery is especially recommended for individuals over the age of 40, although it is also possible for younger individuals who, due to genetics, have very significant flaccidity on the inside of their thighs

However, crural lift surgery is particularly designed for people who have undergone significant weight loss, who do not have good skin quality or who are genetically predisposed to flaccidity. The crural lift can be combined with liposculpture when accumulated excess fat is to be removed.

The individual undergoing crural lift surgery must be of a healthy, stable weight. All those planning to lose weight should postpone the surgery until they have met their goals and can maintain them.

What does thigh lift surgery involve?

Crural lift surgery consists of removing any excess skin from the thighs that has sagged due to flaccidity. It is performed by making an incision where the thigh meets the pubic area and removing the excess skin. The length of this incision will depend on each case.

In cases where a lot of excess skin requires removal, a vertical incision might be required that runs down the inside of the thigh from the groin.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation for thigh lifts

Thigh lift surgery takes two to three hours. It can be performed under epidural anaesthesia, but at IM CLINIC we prefer to use general anaesthesia for the comfort of our patients.

One overnight stay is required when the individual surgery is performed, and two overnight stays might be recommended when it is combined with another procedure.

Results of the thigh lift

Recovery is very fast and involves little discomfort. In general, patients report a feeling of tightness in the groin area (scars), especially over the first few days and when walking.

Thigh lift surgery gives very good results. The scars are almost entirely hidden in the inguinal region (under your panties) and will be completely invisible after a few months.

Remember that, in individuals with very sagging skin who have never done any physical exercise, the skin might sag again over time. However, it will rarely go back to how it was before the surgery.

Postoperative recommendations for thigh lift surgery

Patients must rest for the first 48 hours after surgery and, although they may walk after 24-48 hours, they will not resume normal activities until five to seven days later. Excess walking is not recommended until after the first week.

To alleviate the feeling of heaviness and reduce swelling, lymphatic drainage can be performed provided the surgeon indicates as such. You can resume physical activity, although without overdoing it, after week five.


Relative rest with short walks is recommended for the first 7 days.

You should sleep with your legs raised and with a cushion underneath them to encourage semiflexion of the lower limbs.

You must wear a body girdle for the first few weeks after surgery. This will normally be fore 4 weeks, but it will depend on the evolution of each patient.

Dissolvable stitches are used in crural lift surgery that do not require removal.

If you smoke, you should stop. This will improve your health and your healing.

What discomfort will I notice after my thigh lift?

Patients report a feeling of tightness in the area of the incisions, although this surgery causes little discomfort. In the event of discomfort, your surgeon will indicate how to control it.

When will I see the final results of my thigh lift?

You will see what your thighs will look like after the first month. You will see the end results 6 months after surgery.

Is swelling and bruising normal after thigh lift surgery?

This procedure is entirely normal and may last for up to one month post-surgery.

Do I have to wear some kind of special garment?

Yes, you must wear a compression girdle for the first few weeks.

When can I start sports again?

Your surgeon will indicate when you can resume physical activity. This is normally one month after crural lift surgery, although this will depend on the activity in question.

Do you know what IM Care is?

IM Care is the commitment of IM CLINIC to care for you for the first year after your breast reduction surgery. You will have a 24-hour hotline for your peace of mind, and our medical team will visit you regularly to ensure the results are as expected.