Who can have a rhinoplasty?

Anyone wanting to correct their nose, either due to functional or aesthetic problems.

However, although nose surgery is among the most common operations, it cannot be performed on adolescents because they have not yet finished growing. It is important to perform a rhinoplasty when the face has fully developed, which is as of the age of 18.

What does rhinoplasty or nose surgery involve?

During the initial visit, the surgeon will study the nose shape required by the patient, considering their current features. Advice will also be provided on the different factors involved in the operation and its results, including septum and cartilage, the shape of the face, skin thickness, age, and expectations.

It involves separating the skin on the nose from the bone and cartilage framework before giving it the desired shape. Finally, it is reconnected over the nasal framework. Once surgery is complete, a cast is used to help the nose keep its shape.

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalisation in rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty, which now offers completely natural results, is performed under local and general anaesthesia and normally takes one to two hours (this might be longer in complex cases). In some cases it is outpatient surgery and in others it requires an overnight stay at IM CLINIC.

Results of nose surgery

As well as enhancing the face, nose surgery also helps rejuvenate it, as the nose continues to grow for your entire life. A small, proportionate nose therefore softens your features.

The scars from a rhinoplasty are invisible, whether they are on the inside or outside of the nose. The patient will be able to see the initial results after 15 days but will notice small changes over the first year.

Recommendations after rhinoplasty surgery

Patient recovery is relatively fast, and nose plugs are worn after the rhinoplasty operation that are removed 24 to 48 hours afterwards. It is important to remember that, depending on the individual and the type of surgery, there might be some bruising that will disappear after a few days.

Rhinoplasty for men

This is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for men in general, either for aesthetic or breathing problems. Nose surgery can be performed for aesthetic reasons or due to irregularities, bone or cartilage injuries, breathing problems, etc.

Male rhinoplasty is normally slightly different to female rhinoplasty, in terms of both the surgery itself and the desired results.

Whereas rhinoplasty for women is performed for a more youthful nose with a somewhat raised tip, which softens and rejuvenates the patient’s features, in men it is performed for a nose with greater identity and prominence, with a straighter tip.

The plastic surgeon must be skilled in male rhinoplasty to avoid giving the nose a feminine appearance.

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s, which leads to differences when performing nose surgery. Rhinoplasty for men often takes longer, because the bone structures of the male nose are larger than the female.

Postoperative evolution in male rhinoplasty is slightly slower than female rhinoplasty.


The nose plugs will be removed during the check-up visit. Wash your nostrils with saline solution or a specific product.

Relative rest is required, and remember not to lift any heavy weights. It is important to avoid lowering your head in front of your body when bending down.

You can shower normally, but try to make sure you do not get the splint wet.

Some people have a tendency towards low blood pressure during the first few days after surgery. If this is your case, you can drink something stimulating, such as coffee, tea, coke, etc.

If you smoke, you should stop. Tobacco might have a negative effect on your healing.

What can be improved in a nose?

This will depend on each individual’s face, but improvements can be made to the tip, the ridge, the septum, whether it is too large, if there are breathing problems, etc. or everything at the same time. The goal, however, must not be just the nose but its harmony with everything around it.

Is the surgery the same for men and women?

Not exactly. There are minor differences between the female rhinoplasty and the male rhinoplasty, in terms of the surgery itself and the desired results. For women, a more youthful nose, with a higher tip, which softens and rejuvenates the patient’s features. In men, a nose with greater identity that correctly represents the patients masculinity, with a straighter tip.

Can this surgery be performed at any age?

It is important to perform a rhinoplasty once the face has fully developed, which is as of the age of 18.

Is surgery also possible on noses that are too small?

Yes. There are addictions and disfiguring diseases that require reconstruction. It is also possible for individuals of other ethnicities with much flatter noses who require a more western-looking profile. In all these cases, external tissue such as cartilage from the eyes, the floating ribs or bone from the skull are used for the reconstruction.

When will the final results be seen?

You will be able to see approximate results in around three weeks. However, noses that have undergone a rhinoplasty might change slightly over the months and even up to one year after surgery.

Can the nose be refined if there is no cartilage, such as in the case of African Americans?

This surgery is more complicated than a usual rhinoplasty, but can be performed in most cases. Prior consultation is essential to assess each individual case.

Do you know what IM Care is?

IM Care is the commitment of IM CLINIC to care for you for the first year after your surgery. You will have a 24-hour hotline for your peace of mind, and our medical team will visit you regularly to ensure the results are as expected.