At IM CLINIC, we are proud to have high-level professionals in each area of ​​specialization.
We invite you to meet our medical team.

  • dr-manero-foto

    The soul of IM CLINIC. One of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons worldwide. With extensive experience and trained in some of the best international hospitals, he has become a reference in plastic, general and gender surgery.

    Dr. Ivan Mañero
    Plastic Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

  • dr-gomez

    His extensive experience of over 17 years and his many different achievements make him one of the most prestigious and experienced physicians in the sector.

    Dr. Ray Gómez
    IM CLINIC Barcelona Medical Director

  • dr-bonastre

    With a SUMMA CUM LAUDE PhD, he keeps trainning rising stars in plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgery. He is meticulous and professional, offering the best results for his patients.

    Dr. Jorge Bonastre
    IM CLINIC Madrid Medical Director

  • dr-rosell

    Highly qualified surgeon in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, provides a detailed viewpoint for each case. His innovative techniques make him a key member of the IM CLINIC medical team.

    Dr. Sebastián Rosell
    Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

  • dra-andres

    Specialized in breast reconstruction and facial and body aesthetic surgery. With experience in prestigious national hospitals and clinics, she actively participates in conferences and publishes scientific studies.

    Dr. Aranzazu Andrés
    Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

  • dra-labanca

    Specialist in genital affirmation procedures and gynecological area, hormonal body modification treatments for trans people and in clinical sexology. She has published several scientific studies together with Dr. Ivan Mañero.

    Dr. Trinidad Labanca
    Specialist in gynecological area and gender procedures

  • dra-brandalisio

    Dr Brandalisio is an expert in Body Contour, feminization and masculinization procedures. This and much more makes her a key member of the IM CLINIC medical team.

    Dr. Magalí Brandalisio
    Specialist in Body Contour

  • dra-ceron

    Trained in Spain and internationally as a surgeon and aescetic medicine. Dr Cerón provides high quality care, safeness, humane and personal treatment to each patient at IM CLINIC Madrid.

    Dr. Fatima Cerón
    Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery

  • dr-serna-2

    Dr. Serna stands out internationally for his extensive training, research, teaching, and participation in multiple conferences. He is part of the IM CLINIC Madrid Medical Team.

    Dr. Eduardo Serna
    Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

  • dra-quiroga

    Dr. Quiroga brings professionalism, vision of detail and empathy that characterize IM CLINIC. She achieves natural and harmonized results, personalizing the needs of each patient.

    Dr. Mariana Quiroga
    Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

  • dra-yankina

    With more than a decade of experience, Dr. Yankina offers each patient the most innovative treatments and technology for skin care, prevention and treatment of the signs of aging.

    Dr. Iryna Yankina
    Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

  • dra-campos-imclinic

    IM CLINIC's Pro-aging Woman Unit Director. President of SEGERF.

    Dr. Raquel Campos
    Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Sexologist

  • dr-higuera

    Specialized in aesthetic medicine. He has more than 20 years of experience in prestigious hospitals. Dr Higuera offers a comprehensive aesthetic medicine service, seeking for the personalization of each treatment.

    Dr. Julián Higuera
    Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

  • dr-cobos

    Dr Cobos is essential for the medical team of IM CLINIC. He is highly valued for the patient care and the personalisation in every treatment, allowing him to reach for natural results and maximize beauty in a global way.

    Dr. Alberto Cobos
    Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine