Dr Ivan Mañero

Plastic Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

The soul of IM CLINIC, Dr Ivan Mañero is one of the most renowned plastic restorative and cosmetic surgeons worldwide. With extensive experience and trained in some of the best hospitals in the US, Brazil, England and Spain, he has become a benchmark in plastic, general and gender surgery.

A fellow of the Global Net Work of the University of Alabama, Birmingham, a fellow of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Restorative and Cosmetic Surgery (SECPRE) and of the Spanish Association of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery (AECEP), among other professional associations, he is a regular contributor to the media thanks to his ability to clearly and simply convey the more human side of plastic, restorative and cosmetic surgery. As of 2009, Dr Mañero was also responsible for organising and creating the surgical protocols of the Gender Dysphoria Unit at the Hospital Clínico in Barcelona, where he was director and formed the surgical team. Dr Ivan Mañero defines himself as a perfectionist who seeks natural, attractive results in each surgery and in each treatment…. in short, to enhance the unique beauty of each patient. A trailblazer in his field, he never ceases to innovate and look for new techniques that might offer better, longer-lasting and minimally invasive results. He always bears in mind, however, that a relationship of trust must be established with each patients to ensure optimal results “personally, I couldn’t enjoy my work without this complicity: each patient is different and, if you don’t understand that, then you won’t obtain the desired results”. He is very clear when asked to define the concept of beauty, “beauty is harmony, balance and symmetry. Everyone’s beauty is different, and a nose that might make one face beautiful would not be suitable for another. Beauty is individual and non-transferable. Understanding this and knowing how to find this balance in each patient is essential for obtaining goods results.

Dr Ray Gómez

IM CLINIC Medical Director

Dr Ray Gómez is the Medical Director at IM CLINIC. A specialist in plastic restorative and cosmetic surgery, his extensive experience of over 17 years and his many different achievements make him one of the most prestigious and experienced physicians in the sector. His flawless career in plastic surgery make his hands two of the most experienced in the country.
He ensure proportion, naturalness and harmony in each patient.

Dr Sebastián Rosell

Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery

Dr Sebastián Rosell, a highly qualified plastic surgeon in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, provides a detailed viewpoint for each case. His meticulous, innovative techniques in the sector make him a key member of the IM CLINIC medical team.

His philosophy involves treating each case in a personalised, individual manner to obtain the best results in each surgery.

Dr Carlos Beltrán

Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery

With a career spanning over 20 years, Dr Carlos R. Beltrán has developed his speciality at some of the most renowned hospitals. His devotion to patients, his great interest for details and his pursuit for harmony have made him a great perfectionist in his field.

His passion for plastic surgery and for offering his patients the best technique and attention, has led him to an intense training at national and international level. He is also an outstanding speaker at international plastic surgery congresses where he has presented his research work on breast and facial techniques.

Dr. Jorge Bonastre

Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

Dr Jorge Bonastre is a plastic and restorative surgeon. With a SUMMA CUM LAUDE PhD, he has trained in the most prestigious hospitals and has taught rising stars in plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgery. Before joining IM CLINIC, he formed part of famous clinics and hospitals where he worked in his speciality. He has also received several awards and has had his work published in scientific journals.

He is meticulous and professional, offering the best results for his patients.

Dr Patricia Mancebo

Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

Dr Mancebo is a plastic cosmetic and restorative surgeon. She has been in the profession for over 20 years, with excellent results and very satisfied patients. A specialist in body surgery, she advocates naturalness and harmony when performing cosmetic surgery, seeking balance and proportion with the rest of the body. Extremely demanding with her work, Dr Mancebo is known for her friendliness and for her relationships of trust with her patients.

She has continued to train, and has taken part in Congresses, Specialist Courses and ongoing training. She has also spoken at many different Conferences, Forums and Congresses.

Dr Ana Isabel Arnó

Teaching Director at IM CLINIC

A plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgeon having passed her medical internship examinations, with a PhD in Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Toronto. She took part in the first full face transplant in the world. She has trained in many different renowned hospitals both at home and abroad (Italy, Austria, England, Germany and Canada). She has published different scientific articles on scars, burns and stem cells, as well as chapters of books, and has spoken at important international congresses. A fellow of SECPRE and SCCPRE, Dr Anna Arnó has extensive professional experience as a plastic surgeon and great interest for research, innovation and teaching.

Dr Roberto Herrero

Plastic, Cosmetic and Restorative Surgeon

Dr Roberto Herrero, a highly qualified, versatile plastic surgeon with wide experience in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

He provides each case with a detailed, perfectionist vision. He has always been passionate about cosmetic surgery and has excelled in obtaining natural results, enhancing the unique beauty and personality of each patient.

His philosophy involves treating each case in a personalised, individual manner to obtain the best results in each surgery.

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