At IM CLINIC we are specialists in the surgical technique of breast reduction using prostheses or implants. In this type of intervention, the breast is reduced by removing part of the glandular tissue, skin and breast fat. A breast implant is then inserted to attain a volume appropriate to the patient’s body contour, along with a beautiful shape and natural, harmonious appearance.

Overlarge breasts are often associated with a large areola. In these cases, when the patient undergoes a reduction mammoplasty, it is advisable to also reduce the size of their areola so that the final result is proportional and beautiful.

Finding out about real Before and After breast reduction cases is vital when deciding whether to have this surgery. In the carousel of images on this page you can see similar Before and After breast reduction cases to yours. These images can give you a better idea of what your reduction mammoplasty may look like. However, before deciding, it is vital to consult your plastic surgeon about your case. They can advise you whether you need breast implants, and if so, what type, size, shape, projection and so on would be best for you. They can also tell you whether you might need an areola reduction, and what the scar will look like.

At IM CLINIC, first we listen to your expectations on what result you truly expect from your breast reduction. We will then carry out a preliminary study so that we can advise you, evaluating with you what your various breast surgery options are. In order to attain natural breasts and a natural result that is balanced with your silhouette, it is essential to take certain factors into account in terms of your body structure, your lifestyle and the expectations you have placed on this reduction mammoplasty. So that your new breasts are in harmony with the rest of your body, it is essential that your plastic surgeon takes a number of body and lifestyle factors into account.