Dr Ivan Mañero, plastic surgeon and CEO of IM CLINIC, has been recognised as one of the three best-rated plastic surgeons in Spain during the 2023 edition of the renowned “Top Doctors Awards 2023”. This recognition is significant given that approximately a thousand specialists are registered in this field in our country. Dr Mañero is the sole Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon in Barcelona to be included in the prestigious Top 50 doctors in private medicine across Spain after a year-long evaluation by the medical profession and specialists in each respective area.

This unique recognition underscores his exceptional skills and dedication in the field. Y entre los galardonados también aparece el Dr. Mañero, que ha sido el único Cirujano Plástico Estético y Reparador de Barcelona reconocido en esta categoría.

The selection of these 50 doctors is based on the highest scores provided by both their colleagues and genuine, verified patients over the year. To ensure a quality rating system that considers the impact of these comments and ratings on the decision-making of other patients, Top Doctors has introduced a stringent verification system. This system guarantees the authenticity of over 271,000 opinions shared on its platform, thereby underscoring the quality and dedication of healthcare professionals in Spain. Top Doctors checks that all reviews are from real patients who have been seen by the doctors on this digital platform. Both positive and negative

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Dr Mañero, a graduate with honours from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has honed his skills in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery through training stints at prestigious hospitals worldwide. His international experiences, including in the USA, UK and Brazil, have enriched his perspective and broadened his expertise, making him a highly sought-after plastic surgeon.

Beyond his eminent medical career, Dr Mañero also serves as the CEO of IM CLINIC, a renowned centre for national and international teaching and training of plastic surgery residents. He also holds the position of Director of the International Master’s Degree in Genital Surgery and serves as a professor for the master’s degree in Pelvic Floor at the University of Manresa. He is a research member at the Centre of Regenerative Medicine of Barcelona (CMR[B]) and the Complutense University of Madrid. His academic contributions extend to serving as Faculty for the International Master’s Degree in Reconstructive Surgery – Genito Urinary Module and as a Professor in the Chair of Anatomy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, among other distinguished academic roles.

Social and solidarity works

Dr Mañero’s commitment to society extends well beyond his medical practice. In 2004, he established the NGO Asociación Médica por la Infancia (AMIC) and, three years later, the Dr Ivan Mañero Foundation (DrIM).Both organisations are dedicated to international cooperation projects in critical areas such as childcare, education, gender equality, healthcare and the rights of children and women, with a focus on sustainable development. All initiatives are centred on Guinea Bissau. From its inception, he has also spearheaded a project to combat female genital mutilation in our country. This project provides complimentary support and reconstruction for women affected by FGM, alongside specialised training for healthcare workers.

Dr Mañero also joins one of the yearly health expeditions organised by the foundation, offering crucial medical services to patients in Guinea Bissau. These individuals, often hindered by a scarcity of specialists or healthcare facilities, receive the essential medical attention they desperately need.

Dr Mañero operando en Guinea Bissau

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