At IM CLINIC we are specialists in the surgical technique of breast lifting using prostheses or implants. In this type of intervention, your breasts are lifted and simultaneously given greater turgor, along with a beautiful, natural shape.

A breast lift is used to reposition breasts that have sagged as a result of various factors, such as tissue ageing, weight changes or breastfeeding. The scar is strategically hidden and with the passage of time is virtually unnoticeable. Sometimes it is also necessary to reposition the areola and nipple.

If you have quite a flat breast – in other words, no volume in the upper pole, where the nipple is not on the line of the mammary fold or below – you may be able simply to use a breast implant to solve your problem. If your breasts are shallow but not sagging, breast implants may also be necessary.

On the other hand, if your breasts are very large, it may be necessary to combine the mastopexy technique with a breast reduction, as well as a reduction and/or repositioning of your nipple and areola complex so that the final result is beautiful, proportionate and natural.

These images can give you a better idea of what your mastopexy or breast lift may look like. However, before deciding, it is vital to consult your plastic surgeon about your case. They can advise you whether you need breast implants, and if so, what type, size, shape, projection and so on would be best for you. They can also tell you whether you might need an areola reduction, and what the scar will look like.

At IM CLINIC, first we listen to your expectations about the real result you expect from your mastopexy. Then we conduct a preliminary study on the quality of your skin and other tissues, your health, habits, lifestyle and your expectations. We can thereby advise you and evaluate with you what your different options for this breast surgery are.