This technique does not touch the mammary gland or breast skin and is therefore our first choice at IM CLINIC whenever possible. The scar is virtually invisible in the armpit.

In the areolar breast augmentation technique, the incision is made around the areola, just where there is a change in pigmentation so that the small scar becomes practically invisible with the change in tone and passage of time.

In both cases, the breast implant is placed behind the muscle, allowing for a result that is natural, harmonious and beautiful.

Finding out about real Before and After breast augmentation cases is vital when deciding whether to have this surgery. These images show you some Before breast augmentation cases that are similar to yours. They give you an idea of how your surgery results will appear afterwards. But before making a decision about your breast augmentation surgery, it is important to get your surgeon’s advice on both the technique and the type of breast implant.

At IM CLINIC, first we listen to your expectations on what result you truly expect from your breast augmentation. We will then carry out a preliminary study so that we can advise you, evaluating with you what your various breast augmentation options are. To attain natural breasts and a real result that is in harmony with the rest of your body, it is essential to take certain body and lifestyle factors into account.

This is why your IM CLINIC plastic surgeon will assess you before advising you on your augmentation mammoplasty:

  • The proportions of your back in relation to your overall contours
  • The width of your trunk and your rib cage width
  • Your shoulder dimensions
  • Your height
  • The distance from your navel to your chest
  • The shape and length of your neck
  • The distance from your neck to your breast
  • The height of your inframammary fold
  • The height of your nipple-areola complex
  • The base of your breast
  • The quality of your breast skin and tissues
  • Your expectations
  • Your lifestyle

With this study your surgeon can advise you on your ideal volume, shape, projection and implant type so that your breast augmentation offers you proportionate, natural and satisfactory results.